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The BEST Seasoning

Last night …2am

My two ‘co-night owls’, teen 1 and teen 2 and me hovering over the kitchen island, chatting about ‘stuff’.

Frying up some egg and grilled cheese sandwiches…ahhh nothing like comfort food in the wee hours of the morning.  Amirite?

When I think of comfort food, I always think about my momma…coincidentally today is her birthday. I won’t be baking her a cake, because she lives a zillion miles away. I will be lighting a candle in her honour. Light and warmth…that’s her.

My momma is funny. She’s a bit wacky and absolutely can NOT hold back her love for people. Ask anyone who knows her. Especially little kids. Good thing she has so many grandchildren otherwise she’d be one of those cute little old ladies at the mall begging strangers’ kids to come over for a visit. Yeah…that sounds creepy, but she NEEDS to have kids around. She gets them. She gets that you need to stop, slow down and listen to them while they tell you something important  and if they are telling you…it IS important. She gets that they love routine, the comfort of knowing just what is happening next. She gets that they like snacks. Lot’s of snacks. Snacks prepared just the way they like them. My little’s can attest to that.

Growing up, she was all business. Power suits, traveling all over the North, first as a counsellor, then as the Director of Arctic College. I remember not having as many home made baked goods as some of my other friends who had moms who stayed at home…but I don’t think I resented it. I thought my mom was super cool. I loved when she got all dressed up, heels, scarves and perfume…oh and clip on earrings because she was afraid of getting her ears pierced. Never understood that logic because those clip-ons burn like a mo-fo after a while! She was the one who took me to fancy restaurants, taught me how to order for myself, that is was okay to try new things. Do you remember the chocolate covered ANTS???

Although she worked a lot, we didn’t suffer at home, there was always plenty of food in the house…especially snacks! Although …at the time, I was probably as ridiculous as my teenagers, wandering around the kitchen moaning “there’s NOTHING to eat!”. My friend Al would not be in the door more than a minute before my mom would sing-song “You hungry, you need a snack?”. Al’s head was usually buried in the fridge by that point, so he rarely heard her. But ALL my friends remember that about her…”eat, eat, eat”. Maybe that’s a cultural thing, she’s Ukrainian, but I see it more as an extension of her love for people. I love you, therefore I feed you.

She always joked that she wasn’t a good cook. Sure, we teased her a lot about the few little mistakes she made in the kitchen and she didn’t like to venture too far out of her comfort zone. That’s alright, because I remember comfort. She made the most amazing comfort foods. Not often special or fancy, but it was consistent. We knew what to expect. And if she wanted to cheer you up or make you feel special, there were her treats, like cinnamon toast with tea. There is nothing…and I do mean NOTHING better than home made cinnamon toast delivered to you by your mom when you are down. I’ll have to pull that one back into MY mommy repertoire. Still learning from you Ma.

It’s not what you eat or how well it’s prepared…everything is best served with only one seasoning.


And you mom, have always done THAT so well.

My mom & my chumbawumba phase…

Happiest of Birthdays, thanks for being such an amazing example. ♥

“If you knew how great is a mother’s love…you would have no fear.”

~Wendy Darling, Peter Pan

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