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‘The Best Damn Lunch of my Life’

 Today is the day folks! I really appreciate all of the entries, mostly I love how memories of favourite foods are so closely tied into reflections on the most cherished people in our lives. I drew Bonnie’s name out of the jar and although her favourite lunch was not a “foodie” dream it is a wonderful story!  I am sharing it here with you.

“Well I will be honest and say that my mom was not a gourmet cook, and unfortunately I have inherited those genes. But what I will say as far as one of my most ‘fondest & most memorable’ memories of what I considered one of the best meals of my life was when I was about 8 years old and was visiting my grandparents up in Pine Point NWT. Now a little background….my mom who was a single mom of three kids at the time took us on the greyhound bus every couple of years and made the trek up to the NWT to visit my grandparents. They always took us on camping/fishing trips when we were up there and on this particular trip we were trying to load up the camper, we were getting out late, my mom was exhausted (we probably did not help much to make things easier) and as it turns out by the time we managed to leave the house on our adventure into the backcountry it was past lunch time. Well 3 hungry kids turns quite quickly into headaches for everyone so my grandmother (probably to the dismay of my mom) ran into the house as we waited in the back of the camper…….she returned with a block of cheese which she quickly carved into 3 rather oversized chunks which normally would have been stretched out into 2 months of cheese portions for our family and a HUGE ice-cream cone for each of us. That was (and I stand by this) the best damn lunch of my life! ” ~BHL

The BEST meals aren’t always the ones created with exotic ingredients and hours of preparation…they are simply a wonderful solution to an immediate problem! Congratulations Bonnie, thanks for sharing your story, your lovely new cookbook is on its way!

An empty belly is the best cook.  ~Estonian Proverb

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