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Talkin’ Trash

With two boys and four girls, I’ll admit to being much better with the party planning for the latter.

Girls love themes and they will usually buy into the whole party vibe. The little ladies come over greet the birthday girl politely with their sweet gifts, hand-made cards and a hug.

Boys tear into your home heading straight for the chip bowl, throwing a gift on the couch as they fly by. This is not to say that boys are less polite, they are just more intense, more physical…just more. I always feel more like a sheep herder than the fun, party Mom when it’s all guys in ‘da house.

Now before people get all up in arms about sexual stereotyping, I’m just stating what I’ve seen, with my kids and their friends. YES, of course,there are exceptions to the rule…both my sons had dolls, whom they loved and I too tried to keep toy guns out of our home, but seriously people…they would chew the shape of a gun out of a piece of TOAST. I digress…

Best birthday party idea EV-ER… the Take Apart Party. A posse of eight year old boys come over, hand each of them a set of inexpensive tools (instead of a goody bag-check!) and a table filled with no longer usable electronics. Old Stereos, VCR’s, computers…dial up telephones (what is THAT?). It’s a great way to re-use this stuff. Tell them they are allowed to take apart everything …after the cheers, the silence will be deafening, I guarantee you.

In our case, they didn’t move for about two and a half hours, once they took a short break to eat, the party boys wanted to go back to it again. Just a few warnings…yeah, you knew they were coming. I’ll hand out safety goggles along with the tools when I do this for my younger son. Ten years ago, at his older brothers party, we might have had a computer screen implode. No accident reports were filled out, but I’m older now…more cautious. ***important side note from a reader: “A cool idea… but leave old CRT televisions and monitors out of the party. There are capacitors in TV sets that, if improperly discharged, could discharge through someone and kill them.*** So, be cautious and avoid those!

Don’t forget to warn the kids that although they DO get to take the tools home, using them on anything at home is probably NOT  the best idea…in fact getting the parents to sign a disclaimer might be wise, just in case. Since…boys WILL be boys…thankfully!

“Boys are beyond the range of anybody’s sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years.” ~ James Thurber

6 thoughts on “Talkin’ Trash”

  • Back in the day when my boys were little and I needed some well deserved peace and quiet I too would get out the tools and the old appliances. They just loved it and it kept them busy…and QUIET for hours. I only wish I had thought of using this as a birthday party activity. Brilliant! (Great Blog by the way!)

  • I get you with the Boy vs Girl birthday party. My son, Brandon, is 4 years older than Madison. By the time I had the first party for Maddy at 3-years-old. I had already endured 5 rowdy parties for Brandon. The first being his second birthday, where one of the two- year- old boys picked up a metal Tonka truck and smashed it over the head of another boy. The boy parties were so loud and boisterous that after the turning 5 party, I rarely had them at home – Swimming, bowling, skating, in-door BMX park.
    So when Maddy was turning 3, and I had a table of aprox. 10 3 & 4-year-old girls who sat quietly at the table eating their food, and were quiet as they took turns politely passing gifts to be opened, I thought the party was a total failure. But no, they thought it was great, loved the princess fairy wings, wands and halos they got to keep, had a great time in the cardboard fairy land we made, and asked if they could come back again soon.
    This is a great party idea too bad Brandon is now 21. I will pass it on to friends though.

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