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Making Treats Worthwhile…

How many of you can say “I am working at my dream job”?

Nancy Ellett is doing exactly that.

Yep…be jealous, let your eyes turn that particular shade of green.

She knows she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be. How fabulous is that?

The end of 2013 was the beginning of Bite Me Baking. Love that the name of this custom bakery is just as smart and sassy as the owner!

Nancy started out baking, just for fun…for her two lovely & lively daughters. Her 95 year old grandma, Bertha, is the inspiration for her baking passion. Sundays spent having dinners at her grandparents house bring back fond memories of family time enjoyed together and a particularly delicious layer cake, replete with decadent home made pudding. Everything created from scratch, baked with care and attention.

It has taken a great deal of planning and hard work to create her home-based bakery, but she feels it’s completely worth it. The freedom of being able to work from her home and be there for her daughters when needed, is well worth the ‘inconvenience’ of an occasional closed door. Mostly self taught, Nancy prides herself on making taste a priority. When sampling lovely looking store bought baking, she realized…it’s looks pretty, but the taste… well it leaves a lot to be desired! Over the past few years she’s attended various courses in both baking and decorating, pushing herself to build on her already considerable skills.

Roasted strawberry & marscapone cheesecake & a delightful Valentine cookie box!

My daughter and I were the lucky ones, invited to sample a few tasty morsels. Nancy is right…her desserts taste as good, perhaps even better than they look! And they all look damn fabulous.  She appreciates how pleased people are with the layers of flavours in her products and she’s confident that is what keeps them coming back for more. Bite Me Baking creates everything from delicious home baked cookies to fancier custom cakes. Nancy is thrilled to meet people’s custom needs, including delicious  gluten-free baking . She laughed as she shared that she is up to any challenge!

So, the one question that was on my mind as I looked at this gorgeous, fit lady in front of me…how do you NOT eat it all? She simply shrugged and answered “balance”. For Nancy, moderation is the key to everything. She savours the first few bites, the ones that taste the best and that’s enough for her. She realizes that her creations are not snack foods, rather something to be enjoyed on those rare, special occasions. Oh…if we could all be that disciplined!

Her enthusiasm is contagious, she loves what she does, is proud of her products and is planning for the future! Hoping to have her delightful treats showing up in coffee shops near you very soon. You can find her Facebook page here, with plenty of tempting photos and information on how to contact her. And her recipe for a delish little snack is right here for your enjoyment!

Don’t be disappointed with lacklustre baking, for a special treat, contact Nancy at Bite Me Baking, she will work to exceed your expectations for taste!

Seize the moment.  Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.  ~Erma Bombeck

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